What We Do

Nichols Zauzig Sandler PC sets and maintains a high standard of excellence, and FGTE follows that in each and every closing we conduct. As such, our clients are guaranteed that they will be satisfied with their closing. If they are not satisfied, we will refund their settlement fee to them after closing. We back-up our commitment to service and client satisfaction with this financial commitment.

family_new_home1Real Estate Closings/Settlement
Whether a purchase or a refinance, when it comes time to close the real estate transaction, First Guardian Title and Escrow works as a partner to the agents, lenders, and individuals involved. FGTE’s responsibility for settlements include: pulling all of the closing documents together and making sure the terms of the contract are met, all while working to meet the settlement date and to ensure a smooth settlement.

At closing, a licensed settlement agent will conduct the settlement. At this time, the seller and buyer are presented with the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, outlining the terms of the contract, including the sales price and loan amount, as well as all other fees relating to the closing. Once this document is reviewed and signed, both parties sign the title company documents, including the Deed and necessary documents confirming that the title for the property is clear of any defects. Additionally, the buyer signs the required lender documents, including the Note and Deed of Trust.

2Title Insurance
One of the primary responsibilities of FGTE is to provide Title Insurance to buyers, borrowers refinancing, and mortgage lenders. A home is likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime, and once you’ve made the investment and commitment to become a property owner, it is important to have confidence that the property you purchase truly belongs to you. Title Insurance gives buyers that peace of mind. Unlike other forms of insurance, Title Insurance providers eliminate risks prior to insuring the property. In particular, they make sure, prior to the property changing hands, that it does not have any liens, claims, or encumbrance against it. If any such title defects are discovered, they are investigated and resolved.