Like a Standard Owner’s Title Insurance Policy, an Enhanced Policy is offered at a one-time premium and is then valid for the owner’s entire lifetime along with any subsequent heirs. The Enhanced Policy, however, covers a more in-depth list of possible title defects. In addition to the items covered in a Standard Policy as listed above, an Enhanced Policy includes additional important coverages. Please review the comparison of coverages to help determine which level of coverage you desire. for the following issues:


Residential Owner’s Policies
Standard Policy
Policy *
1. Someone else owns an interest in your title X X
2. Improperly executed documents X X
3. Pre-policy forgery, fraud and duress X X
4. Defective recording of any document X X
5. Undisclosed restrictive covenants X X
6. A lien on your title because of a security deed, judgments, tax or special assessment, or a charge by a homeowner’s association X X
7. Unmarketable title X X
8. Mechanic’s liens X
9. Forced removal of a structure which encroaches onto another property or an easement X
10. Forced removal of a structure which violates an existing zoning law** X
11. Forced removal of a structure because of a violation of a restriction in Schedule B X
12. Inability to use land for single family dwelling because of a violation of a zoning ordinance or restriction in Schedule B X
13. Pays rent for substitute land or facilities X
14. Rights under unrecorded leases X
15. Plain language X
16. Unrecorded easements X
17. Building permit violations** X
18. Compliance with Subdivision Map Act, if any** X
19. Restrictive covenant violations X
20. Max, if any, not consistent with legal description X
21. Covenant violation resulting in reversion X
22. Enhanced marketability X
23. Violations of building setbacks X
24. Discriminatory covenants X
25. Post-policy forgery X
26. Post-policy encroachment X
27. Post-policy damage from minerals or water extraction X
28. Post-policy living trust coverage for trustee X
29. Post-policy living trust coverage for beneficiary X
30. Access – actual vehicular and pedestrian access based on a legal right X
31. Post-policy automatic increases in value up to 150% X
32. Post-policy adverse possession X
33. Post-policy cloud on title X
34. Post-policy prescriptive easement X
35. Boundary walls and fence encroachment** X
36. Insurance coverage forever X X

*NOTE: For an enhanced owners policy to be issued, the property must meet the following criteria:

  • The property to be insured must be a completed one-to-four family residential dwelling or condominium unit.
  • If the property to be insured involves newly constructed improvements, a final certificate of occupancy must be provided.
  • The property to be insured must be platted (and the plat must be recorded), contain 25 acres or less, and have a valid street address.
  • An additional 20% premium must be collected.
  • The property must have vehicular and pedestrian access based upon a legal right.

** subject to a deductible and maximum indemnity liability, which may be less than the policy amount