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What We Do

Nichols Zauzig Sandler PC sets and maintains a high standard of excellence, and FGTE follows that in each and every closing we conduct. As such, our clients are guaranteed that they will be satisfied with their closing.

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What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is provided to buyers of real estate to ensure that the buyer is protected from loss as a result of defects on the title of the property. The mortgage lender also requires Title Insurance on properties for which they are providing funding.

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The Settlement Process

Settlement, or Closing, is the meeting during which the sale of property is finalized. Buyers and Sellers come together to “pass the papers.” This means that all the parties sit around the table and sign the many documents required to complete the sale.

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Our Services


Many property owners choose to refinance the mortgage on their property to improve their current loan structure or take advantage of lower interest rates.
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When discussing real estate transactions, there are two main categories of purchase – residential real estate purchases and commercial real estate purchases.
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Home Equity Lines of Credit/Commercial Lines of Credit

A home equity line of credit (also called a HELOC) is a line of credit where the equity and value of a borrower’s home or business is used as collateral on the line of credit.
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Construction Loans

When building a new home, a borrower will need a loan to provide financing to take them through lot acquisition, construction, and then once the project is complete, conversion of the loan from construction to permanent.
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